Best Courses Nationally

This site ranks the best courses in the country, beginning in the west.

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The rankings you see on the site are as of November, 2019.

Exclusive 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Five Locations in Utah.

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When it come to Everything Golf, there is One Name that has stood above the rest since 1971, Uintah Golf.
I've personally been dealing with them for over 20 years and have never been dissatisfied.

The personnel at any of their Five Utah locations are ready, willing and able to handle all your needs from Equipment and Gear through Custom Club Fitting and Repair.

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True Golf Learning Centers
To make this list they MUST have True Professional Instructors.

The Right Equipment
Just pounding balls on a range in any old sumulator won't cut it.
The equipment must be State-of-The-Art.

Like the Pro's Use 
Tiger, Phil, Rory and just about Any PGA Pro have swing coaches and most use a certain type of swing analysis machine.

Only 3 in the State 
There are just 3 centers in Utah that meet these standards.

Golf Academy

Upgrade your Game

Forget how you've bought clubs in the past buying some, trying them, then trying to trade out of them.
What if you could be TOTALLY Custom Fitted to the clubs that are Right for you like the Pro's do?

Victory Golfworks

The only full instruction facility in Northern Utah including Playing Lessons and on course lessons at Logan River.

Salt Lake Golf Lounge

Their indoor system can even accomodate a full round of golf on some of the most famous courses on the planet.

Uintah Golf


As the Largest golf retailer in the state with Five locations from Riverdale to St. George, Uintah has been serving Utah golfers since 1971.